Strength Keepers

Adipsy's Strength Keeper Division reaches homes and hospitals every week through our food programs. Whether it's a pastry during treatment,  a snack bag for parents who cannot afford food while their children are in the hospital or assistance with groceries for a patients home  - Adipsy's Strength Keepers assists cancer patients every week! 



Panera Pastry Boxes

Every Friday volunteers deliver boxes of Panera pastries to area hospitals and oncology departments. If you are interested in volunteering sign up below! 


Snack Bags

When a child is receiving treatment the parents are not offered hospital food.Often times parents will go hungry because they cannot afford to purchase cafeteria food on a regular basis. Adipsy Strength Keepers creates healthy snack bags for parents who cannot afford to purchase hospital cafeteria food. Parents can receive these snack bags from social workers at our partnered hospitals. 



 Hunger should never be a problem when someone is already battling for their life. How do we help? We provide groceries and gift cards to patients who have hit financial hardships due to cancer. 

Your support is the solution for providing assistance during cancer treatment.