A Call to Care : Partner With Us!

Welcome to the Adipsy Partner page. Here you have three options to be a financial partner: Supporter, Advocate, and Visionary.  Choose a Partner level that suits your means and passion!  If you wish to just donate and not be a Partner,  click here. 

supporter (2).png

Supporters are a passionate group of people who want to help others.  These people are behind the vision of what Adipsy is doing across America and in their communities.  They are the pulse of Adipsy.

Advocates are the "producers" of Adipsy.  These people take personal responsibility for funding this movement. They are a vital part of the financial backbone of our mission.

Visionaries are individuals who make the mission of Adipsy their priority.  Financial leaders of Adipsy, that are committed to investing and taking care of a vast number of people in need.

Adipsy would like to grant all requests; however, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a high request volume we must limit the number of requests we grant.