To quench medically means to "give life".  In a society in which one in three people you know will be diagnosed with cancer - your brother, your sister, your neighbor, a team-mate, a friend, a teacher, local fire fighter, military wife, nurse, your child - Adipsy is all about YOU.

What is Different about Adipsy?

As a community driven non-profit we will become ADIPSY by meeting the needs of cancer patients and their loved ones in three distinct areas:




An estimated 1,658,370 new patients will be diagnosed with cancer in 2015 alone.

Cancer can take away so many things in your life, but ADIPSY is another reason that can give you hope.
— Jenny Thompson

Bill & Christy McCloud's Story 

What Is Adipsy?

The heart of ADIPSY is simply just to serve.
— Christy McCloud, CEO & Founder of Adipsy

Meet the Thompson Family

A Call to Care : Partnership

There are three partnership levels: Supporter, Advocate, and Visionary.  Click on the partnership level to find out which suits your means and passions!