Erin was diagnosed with leukemia (ALL) on 7/23/2014 -   just days before her 9th birthday.  We met her right before her 10th party - her single mom wanted to provide a birthday for her that she would enjoy since she was hospitalized  the year prior.  Erin is currently on maintenance and receives chemo daily at home as well as trips to CHKD to receive treatment through her port and directly into her spine. She is considered high risk.   Your generous donation not only helped to provide Erin with the birthday the her mom wanted to give her but also helped her to be able to keep their family vehicle by assisting with their property tax bill.  Erin is a sweet girl and has been joined Adipsy at several events i.e.,  our Christmas Float  - Relay for Life and Busch Gardens Christmas.  Your donations also allow us to be able to sponsor quarterly events for these amazing families that  provide a moment of pushing their battle to the side and enjoying some time with their friends, family and medical team.