Mrs. Parson faced the same dilemma many fixed-income retirees do when cancer begins to invade and erode their health and their finances. After a rewarding and successful career as a public school teacher, she was enjoying her retirement when, in November of 2006, Mrs. Parson got the call we all dread. Tests revealed she had cancer. Her specific diagnosis was malignant lymphoma, lymphoplasmacytic, anemia and plasma cell dyscrasia.

While undergoing treatment, Mrs. Parson told a visiting Adipsy team member, “Every month I have to choose which bill I am not going to pay so I can have enough money to buy the prescriptions that help keep me alive. This includes my mortgage, so, from month to month, I donʼt even know if Iʼll have a home.”

Adipsy donors and volunteers were quick to respond. They paid her prescriptions in full one month and connected her with pharmaceutical company representatives who were able to provide discounts or free medications.

Thanks to donations from people like you, Mrs. Parson no longer has to choose between paying her mortgage and buying her medications.