We met Mr. Tatum toward the end of his 14 year battle. On our initial visit with him, Mr. Tatum said, "Adipsy is truly an angel that has been sent to me" - little did he know that those who met him felt the same about him - he was a joy!  Mr. Tatum had stage IV malignant melanoma of the skin with secondary malignant neoplasma of the brain and spine - metastasis to the brain.  Although we met him just a few months before he would lose his battle on September 16, 2015, he never

complained about the pain he must have been in. Mr. Tatum was always very kind and always so thankful for any assistance including the meals that volunteers brought to him. Adipsy was able to provide a "spring cleaning" and worked extensively in his yard. The team also gave of themselves and prepared meals, watched movies and played checkers to give Mr. Tatum some companionship which relieved his family for a few hours.  Adipsy adopted the phrase "Evenings with Mr. Tatum" while spending some time at his home.  

 Mr. Tatum will be missed and never forgotten by our entire team of volunteers.