In her mom's words....

 First I want to thank you for all that your organization does for families like ours. Our HEMONC nurse Teressa Black has encouraged us to reach out to Adipsy during our time of need.  
Mia, our daughter is now 7 years old as of last October 10th 2015. Just this past September 9th 2015 she had graduated completion of her Chemotherapy from her initial diagnoses on May 18th 2011. But it wasn't until this past summer in June 2015 that we were finally able to imagine our little girl as a teenager when our Oncologist had shared with us the good news that Mia has just passed her fourth year in remission and the chances of her relapse were almost zero to none . Just a few months later that Christmas eve we had realized that Mia had relapsed. Her cancer had returned with a vengeance this time and leukemia had reached her CNS, Brain, and eyes causing her blindness this time. As if a relapse wasn't enough, Mia was hit over the head with blindness too. For the past two months going through re-induction it has been a scary battle wondering if this was it. Staying up late nights while Mia would cry in pain or just frustration with loosing her eye sight has been almost more than I could handle doing this a second time. Her first re-induction did not work. They still found traces of leukemia in her bone marrow so Mia than had to forego a clinical trial recently approved that had high risks but were used to effectively treat ALL patients who were not responding to several traditional chemotherapy regimen. Mia has gone through eye radiation this time in efforts to kill the Leukemia cells in her eye in hopes that it would return to vision, but this was not enough and Mia was still struggling to cope. Finally Mia was just most recently able to have eye surgery just this past March 2nd that resulted in clearing a lot of debris from her eyes and by the grace of God Mia has regained seemingly most of her vision. While Mia's eyes heal, she will yet go through another round of the clinical trial chemotherapy this month to prepare her for our next huge step in this journey being bone marrow transplant. All though I am grateful for the hope of bone marrow treatment with positive outcomes, I understand all of the risks and I will be entering this last phase of treatment with a heavy heart anticipating all that lies ahead for Mia. When we get to Duke Medical Facility N.C., there will be more chemotherapy and more radiation waiting for her to prepare her body for the transplant. This means, more sickness and more pain and more promises from mommy that everything is going to end soon and this will all be behind us soon enough.  

Mia is currently at Duke with her family - she is in the process of receiving a bone marrow transplant.  Your donation helped to provide a box full of necessities that they need while staying so far from home.