Homes Of Hope


Mission - To provide rest and restoration to cancer patients and their families.

More often than not, family ties quickly become of utmost importance to a person who receives a diagnosis of cancer. The hugs, smiles, prayers, laughter, reminiscing, storytelling, and very presence of family members in the same room bring the patient comfort and hope. Few would argue that a spring break or a summer getaway seems to have a magical ability to bring even close families closer together. Somehow spending time in different surroundings is not the same as sharing time in the den or backyard at home. Anecdotal evidence and personal experience convinced Christy and Bill McCloud and their family that they had to find a way to offer an opportunity for cancer victims and their loved ones to gather outside the home, creating a break from routine and memorized scenery, giving the family a chance for rest, relaxation, peacefulness, and fun all together. The McCloud family knew that this would not only do the patient and each family member’s souls good, but also give the entire family the chance to reconnect. Thus began the dream of Homes for Hope.

Homes for Hope will provide spaces large enough an entire family to meet which will be especially welcome to those who have had to downsize to a small apartment or move in the grandparents or siblings due to the financial strains cancer brings. Each home will be well-appointed with comfortable seating and sleeping accommodations. One home might have a fully-equipped game room or gym, another a swimming pool or nearby lake for fishing and kayak trips. One home might be an apartment in a city that offers a variety of cultural opportunities; while another might be in the mountains or a stone’s throw from the shoreline. Each house will be stocked with basic personal needs and each kitchen’s pantry and fridge will house family favorites for meals together. A family might wish to spend a weekend or an entire week. There will not be an expense to the family beyond their cost of living in their very own home.

Quite a dream indeed! Can you imagine the healing potential of the joy and peace a time away from the stressors of home life that a stay in a Home of Hope will bring? ADIPSY can only make this dream a reality with the generosity of businesses and individuals – it will take dollars, donations of furniture, home décor, sporting equipment, toys, food, physical energy and maybe even properties. ADIPSY has manpower in place to renovate a donated property making it truly a home of hope for cancer victims and their families.