Homeless with Stage 4 Cancer

This morning, we received a phone call from Virginia Oncology Associates in need of some assistance.  Richard is a 52 year old battling Stage 4 head and neck cancer.  He is alone and has someone that is allowing him to sleep on their screened in front porch for a fee.  Richard typically does odd jobs in the community to help him make enough money for his keep but has found himself in an unfortunate place at the end of his battle - just simply too sick!  The center is helping him to work on getting some assistance, but has been unsuccessful at this time, making him one of the statistics of people in our community "falling through the cracks."


Your continued support of Adipsy allows us to assist patients like Richard on a daily basis by providing him transportation to his oncology appointments as well as financial assistance to help him pay for prescriptions and rent.  You are helping to make a difference in the life of Richard and others in our community and for that we are forever grateful!