special needs teacher finds herself in need

"One of the most kind  - sweet spirited ladies I have ever met..." were the words that Mrs. Johnson's oncology navigator used to describe her.  Mrs. Johnson (pictured here) was a public school special needs teacher until her own personal needs became a battle for survival last year.  She was diagnosed in 2011 with stage 4 breast cancer that has now metastasized to her brain.  When I spoke with her today she spoke with no fear but a fight!  Her team has exhausted all avenues and in search of a new plan - but you would never know it by speaking to her.  Mrs. Johnson who was always so giving to her community now found herself needing some help.  She had developed lymphedema in her arm and needed a machine that would help reduce the swelling.  Her insurance did not fully cover this device that she so desperately needed.  Your support helped to make sure that she knew her community was now giving back.  Adipsy was able to step in and help with the purchase of this machine.  Mrs. Johnson - with a fragile yet determined voice - wanted to make sure that our donors know how grateful she is - you are helping to make a difference!