Why I Volunteer....

Renee Perry

In Texas, I was a nurse for over 25 years which put me in a position to care for and participate in patient's healthcare.  My favorite part of that however is when relationships would develop and real needs, care and concerns would be shared - I loved that and always wanted to do more.  However, in the medical field my hands were somewhat tied.  

With my husband's job transfer we moved to Virginia and in purchasing our home we began spending time with the McCloud family.  It didn't take long to realize that this family was not the typical family, there was something quite different about them.  We knew they founded a non profit but we soon learned the driving force of Adipsy and it's the heart of the McCloud's.  

As we began to spend time with them the stories of their lives and their journey would be told in a heart wrenching tale after tale of cancer touching their lives - but could see their joy never wavered.  Their faith still just as strong.  I have watched Christy McCloud juggle her real estate career along with taking care of her family all the while handling the needs of Adipsy.  This is never a burden or inconvenience when someone has a need - she actually thrives on making sure the need is met.  Whether it's paying the rent of a cancer patient, coordinating  meals to those in treatment. paying utilities for a family or donating a car she gets it done with her amazing team and they are all so happy to do so.  One day as we were delivering Panera to patients in treatment - I got a glimpse of a woman sitting in a recliner with a lovely scarf on her head and a needle in her arm - receiving treatment.  At that moment I remember the stories that Christy had shared and realized it was not long ago that my friend was in those same chairs receiving treatment.  She was not thinking of her needs at that moment but about the needs of the people sitting around her - this is where Adipsy was founded.  Watching her entire family - you realize their love for this cause - and that is what they do - love on others.  It is genuine and real and it has showed me what a difference I personally and we all can make.  I am now able to help others but volunteering with Adipsy like never before.