What Does Adipsy mean to you? - Jenny Thompson

Tony, Jenny, and their son Gideon with CEO & Co Founder of Adipsy Christy McCloud

As a parent we have many expectations for our children's lives. The moment we see the postive test we begin planning their future. My husband and I prayed for ten years for another baby,  then we were blessed with a miracle. A baby boy we named Gideon. Gideon means mighty warrior of God. Life was truly perfect, until April 30th 2014. My precious one year old baby boy was diagnosed with brain cancer. Our lives were shattered. We were given results and sent to the pediatric intensive care unit in a matter of minutes to prepare for surgery. We spent 30 days in the PICU, underwent  five surgeries and then began six months of intense chemotherapy.

The next year was filled with chemotherapy treatments, antibiotics, appointments, inpatient stays, blood and platelet transfusions. During this time my husband was laid off from his job and we were now a one vehicle family. I was a full time mom to our five children. Our lives were changing and had become a little more challenging. In God's perfect timing, an amazing Adipsy volunteer reached out to our family. We invited the Adipsy team to our home to share the testimony of our little warrior. We felt so loved by this extraordinary team. Adipsy was there for my family emotionally when we really needed support. Adipsy truly cared about Gideon and wanted to know how they could help our family. We were completely overwhelmed. Adipsy was able to meet our needs before we even spoke to them. The heart of Adipsy is compassion and caring from personal experience. The oncologist and surgeons were able to take care of Gideon physically and Adipsy was able to meet our family's needs emotionally, financially and physically. 

God bless, 

Jenny Thompson